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5 Ways to Build Better Relationships with Your Recruiters

Did you know that a recruiter can be an essential advocate in your job search? Companies create relationships with staffing partners, and they often see new opportunities before they’re made public. Building a better relationship with recruiters is a great way to get your resume seen by the right companies. Here are five ways a better relationship with your recruiters can benefit your job search.

Balance Communications

When working with a recruiter, you can easily drift in one of two directions in communicating. Sometimes candidates don’t communicate enough and don’t stay top-of-mind. Or they communicate too much, creating a frustrating work distraction. It would help if you balanced your contact to make sure you’re staying in touch but not overdoing it.

Ask Questions

Your recruiter never wants you to assume something. When presented with a job, ask questions about it that will help you both make informed decisions. Any time you make assumptions, you risk being placed in situations that aren’t right for you. When that happens, not only will it impact your career path, but it can influence your recruiter’s confidence level in you as a candidate.

Be Transparent

If your recruiter contacts you with a position you’ve already applied for, tell them the truth. It will not serve you or the recruiter if you are submitted for something more than once. It may put you in a bad position as the company might think you’re trying to game the system by going around their application process. Always be honest about where you’ve applied in the past.

Get Advice

Your recruiter is an employment expert. That means they can help you adjust your resume or cover letter so you make the best first impression. However, asking for advice can help you succeed. Your recruiter is not a resume service, and they will want you to do the work on your own, but don’t be afraid to listen to what they suggest.

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