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At AEG, you’re more than just a name and resume.
Our priority is to understand your career goals, so we can find you a job opportunity that you can get excited about. Our staffing experts are also here to help in other ways, such as improving your resume, preparing you for interviews and providing insight into local hiring trends.
Whether you’re looking for temporary placement or long-term employment, Alliance can help you succeed. As a job seeker, there are many advantages to working with a recruitment agency.
Better Access to Jobs
AEG has a long history of valuable partnerships with high-quality employers. Because of this, our hiring professionals are usually the first to know about vacant or upcoming positions. Often times, these companies will come to us first looking for candidates before actually posting the job. By using AEG for your job search, you’ll be the first to hear about exciting opportunities that fit your unique skill-set and experience.
Valuable Feedback
Our team has the expertise to provide valuable feedback during your job search. Using our knowledge of hiring trends and industry-specific challenges, we can help you strengthen the quality of your resume and prepare you for upcoming interviews. By collaborating with us, you’ll be able to position yourself as a top candidate in today’s highly competitive job market. Ultimately, we have a stake in your success — knowing that you’re doing a good job means we’re doing a good job, too!
Negotiation Assistance
At AEG, we’re dedicated to securing the best interests of our job seekers. If you have concerns about your placement or would like to revisit your benefits contract, our team can help you negotiate these terms. Our top priority is making sure the relationship between you and the employer is mutually beneficial.
If you’re interested in working with Alliance to secure your next job, let us get to know you! First, submit your resume. Then if a position matching your qualifications becomes available, one of our staffing specialists will be in touch. You can also take advantage of our valuable online job database, filled with exciting career opportunities.