Recruitment &
Staffing Solutions
If you need workers to help your business grow, you are in good hands with AEG. We bring value to all of our clients by providing the tools and expertise to handle all your staffing needs. From temporary placements to long-term hires, rely on us to help you attract, recruit, and retain some of the top candidates in a variety of fields.
We specialize in recruitment for many of the largest job markets, including Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver. We are also well positioned to assist you in a variety of other locations across North America. Our in-depth knowledge of regional hiring trends allows us to provide our clients with completely customized workforce solutions.

Here’s how AEG can help your business succeed:

    • AEG will assist you in finding the right candidates in the shortest amount of time
    • We help you keep your labour costs in line with production requirements
    • AEG provides you with recruitment strategies that help you stay flexible and responsive to market demands
    • We oversee all your long-term hiring needs, so your team can focus on other areas of growth

We make it possible for you to connect with high-quality candidates in your sector by leveraging our valuable connections. These candidates come to you pre-screened and ready for the interview process — saving you hours of sifting through hundreds of resumes. All this newfound time can then be spent on developing other areas of your business.
If you are looking for a recruitment partner who delivers efficient service, you’ll want to partner with Alliance. We offer transparent fees, ongoing feedback, and expert advice on market conditions. It is this level of support that sets us apart — and ensures that you get the results you are looking for!
For more information about our company resourcing services, Call us at 416-747-0247 or fill out the form here.