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Professional Recruitment
Professional recruitment is key to finding top talent. At AEG, our team is committed to ensuring your company’s success by helping you hire the right people. Our goal is to place the most qualified candidates in places where we know they can excel, allowing them to become meaningful contributors to your company’s long term goals.
There are several advantages to hiring through a professional recruitment agency like AEG. Here’s what our staffing experts bring to the table.
Knowledge of the Market
AEG takes pride in its versatile knowledge of key job markets, including finance, IT, and business administration. We work hard to stay on top of hiring trends and know where to find the best talent within specific industries. Our team can offer valuable insight into salary rates, available skill sets and any other staffing complexities. Not only is AEG your eyes and ears on a particular market, but we are also your trusted partner in sourcing the right candidates.
Extended Reach
Good talent is hard to find, and it’s frustrating when high-quality applicants aren’t responding to your job postings. But the truth is, top-notch candidates often collaborate with recruiters to find their next career opportunity. At Alliance, we leverage our networks to connect you with candidates that have a strong range of skills and experiences. These are exceptional people who may have been inaccessible to your in-house hiring team.
Assistance With Branding
Large organizations have the money to develop and market their company brand. But if you are a smaller business, you may not possess the necessary resources to position yourself as a top employer. AEG can provide potential candidates valuable insights as to what your business does and why your company is one of the best places to work.
Why Choose Alliance Employment Group?
Alliance makes it easy for you to hire the best talent in the shortest amount of time possible. When you work with our team of recruitment professionals, here’s what we deliver:

    • Qualified candidates that have been pre-screened to reduce hassle on your end
    • Handling all HR paperwork, so your team can focus on employee integration instead
    • Regular check-ins to ensure you and your new hires are happy with the placement and address any concerns that may arise.

Gain a competitive edge by working with Alliance to attract the best talent to your company. Whether you’re trying to manage a short-term staffing crunch or want to invest in your human capital, rely on us for exceptional hiring solutions to your most pressing needs.
For more information about our Professional Recruitment services, Call us at 416-747-0247 or contact us here today.