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Forklift Operators (Counterbalance Operators/Raymond Reach Operators/Walkie)
A Forklift Operator is an individual who moves stock around a warehouse using a forklift or other types of loading devices. Their main duties include operating forklifts, winches , and other devices, loading and unloading equipment, and storing or relocating materials within the warehouse or factory.
A Forklift Operator has many duties which are essential to maximizing the factory or warehouse workflow. Here are some of the common responsibilities that a Forklift Operator should be able to perform:

  • Load, unload, pack, and unpack materials.
  • Label and sort incoming and outgoing shipments.
  • Relocate items within the warehouse or factory.
  • Operate a forklift, winch, or other machinery used for transporting or shipping materials.
  • Track inventory of incoming and outgoing items.
  • Carefully handle and dispose of hazardous waste materials whenever necessary.

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