Why Companies are Looking to Hire Bilingual Candidates

Do you speak more than one language? Then, regardless of your specific skill set, you may be an in-demand candidate for open jobs. Companies are hiring bilingual and multilingual employees to help increase their brand’s reach, improve relationships with the public, and foster representation in the community. But those aren’t the only reasons. Here are the reasons why companies are looking for bilingual candidates just like you.

Language Aptitude Demonstrates Competence

Learning a language changes your brain. It improves your critical thinking skills, enhances problem-solving, and increases memory retention. Language taps into areas of the brain that affect your ability to focus, which can help you be more productive and innovative on the job. Your language skills won’t be the only thing that benefits your employer. Your competence and cognitive abilities will also set you apart.

Increased Growth Opportunities

Not only can speaking more than one language gives you an advantage when landing a job, but it can also help you grow in your career. As you work toward promotions, knowing a second language can give you more options within the same company as your skills can bring added value. All things equal, a bilingual candidate will likely be considered for more opportunities in the future.

Expanded Communication Skills and Reach

It may go without staying, but being bilingual or multilingual opens up opportunities for communication. For companies, your skills with multiple languages can increase their reach as you’re able to communicate with an expanded customer base. That will provide increased value to your performance and success for your company.

Access to More Resources

Knowing another language can also give you more access to resources. Imagine if your job is heavily based on research. If you gather resources only from English-language sources, you only see part of the picture. Accessing research in other languages can provide more perspective. It can also give you a chance to reach out to a broader group of people to understand the position or the information better.

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