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Expert Solutions to Managing a Diverse Team

It’s time to stop thinking of diversity in your organization as a just trend or a human resources buzzword. Hiring and working with a diverse team of employees improves every aspect of a company’s success rate. From increased community representation to diverse mindsets influencing productivity and decision making, diversity isn’t just a box to tick. So how can your company make the most of your diverse team with solid management practices? Here are just a few ways you can improve your management skills moving forward.

Emphasize Communication

Management is all about communication. When you’re managing a diverse team, you need to emphasize the need to communicate clearly with everyone on the team. Understanding that each of your employees will have different mindsets and different communication methods will help everyone give and receive information better.

Treat Employees as Individuals

When you begin to treat people like stereotypes, you do a disservice to true diversity. Don’t assume things about anyone on your team and treat them as individuals. If you don’t know how to address or approach something, always ask first. When approached with a general desire to understand, people are always willing to share their experiences.

Discourage Clique Behavior

We’re not suggesting that you tell people who they can be friends with at the office, but you can discourage your team from treating other staff members poorly. Clique behavior becomes problematic when it shuts contributors out of the crucial collaborative process.

Use Objective Standards

Objectivity is essential, starting with the recruiting and hiring process. It should also be the standard by which you judge the work of your employees. You can’t hold some of your team members to a higher standard, which can happen unconsciously.

Create Zero Tolerance Policies

For the experience to work, your team also needs to be on board with diversity in the workplace. You need to expressly state a zero-tolerance policy to any harmful activities, bullying, or discriminatory behaviors. And you’ll need to enforce the consequences of these actions happen.

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