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Mental Health Matters

Mental health matters - Two working parents with their child for the holidays

If our mental health matters, why is it often overlooked? Many companies are now doing more to ensure that the mental and emotional health of employees are satisfied. However, much of the work continues after hours as well, especially for the holidays. Though this is often a celebratory time, it does not discriminate against those that struggle with their mental wellbeing.

What are some ways to boost your mental health and wellbeing? Here are some tips:

Practice Mindfulness

Instead of living in the present, how often do you focus on planning ahead? Sometimes it can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and the worries are never-ending. Reduce your autopilot tendencies by taking every day as a moment in time. Create meaningful bonding time with your family through nature walks, cooking, or watching movies together. During that process, remember to find time to breathe deeply and go about the rest of your day, one moment at a time.

Watch Out For Thinking Traps

Much of what we think translates into how we feel. Though it may be easier said than done, recognize your thinking patterns and see how much you absorb negative thinking. Once you can effectively determine that, you can take the first steps of changing those habits. Counterbalance your thoughts by asking yourself questions to get to the core facts. Determine whether you’ve viewed an issue from various angles and look at it from an outsider’s perspective.

Try Journaling

Going through a lot of emotions and feeling overwhelmed, but can’t find the words to express it? Let it all out using a paper and pen. The more consistent you are, the sooner you can find patterns in your thoughts and when they occur. It’s also a great opportunity to affirm positive thoughts to yourself and track negative ones. Journal out everything that is bothering you and you just might feel the difference in your mood.

Remember, your mental health matters. For more resources, check out our blog on Tips to Reduce Burnout for ways to help you in the workplace.

The team at AEG wishes you a joyous holiday season! We hope this time brings you peace, prosperity, and happiness when entering the new year!

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