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Feeling Burn Out as the Weather Heats Up? How to Stay Motivated During the Summer Months

Summertime is hard for motivation. You want to be anywhere but the office and enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. But you know that work needs to get done, so how can you stay motivated in the summer? If you’re feeling burned out, here are a few tips and tricks you can use to get your mojo back and keep up your performance during the summer season.

Set Easily Attainable Goals

Sometimes, when the weather is warm, our ambition goes out the window. Don’t try to fight it; work with it instead. Set easily attainable goals that break tasks down into individual parts. If you can get through each piece, the entire task will be completed before you know it.

Take a Break

You don’t have to work until you’re miserable. Take small breaks throughout your workday to allow your mind to rest and relax. When you push yourself too hard, you’re more likely to feel burned out. The same is true for longer breaks. Don’t avoid vacation or PTO time just because you feel guilty about it.

Reward Yourself

As you complete tasks, reward yourself. This can be anything you want it to be. Give yourself 10 minutes to check social media. Get yourself a glass of lemonade. Reward yourself with a sticker that says, “You Did It!” Choose things that make you happy and are meaningful to you.

Change Your Routine

Sometimes, it’s the repetitive nature of the work that makes you feel burned out. But maybe you don’t have to do it the same way every time. Shake up your routine by doing things out of order. Perhaps instead of going to the gym after work, try waking up earlier and doing yoga at home.

Get Outside

Maybe you shouldn’t fight the feeling. Getting outside can be an excellent cure for the summertime blues. Do you work from home right now? Take your computer out to your patio and work from there. Or take a short break to walk around the block at the office.

Do you need more ways to motivate yourself this summer? Call the team at Alliance Employment Group now.

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