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Don’t Let a Language Barrier Keep You from Applying

Are you concerned about applying for a job if there’s a language barrier? Not every job requires a mastery of the English language, and there are ways to communicate and land the position. Before you decide how you want to move forward in your career, it can be helpful to take a step back to understand your options. Knowing how to approach your job search can give you the advantage you need to land your next opportunity. Here are the ways the language barrier doesn’t affect certain positions and how to apply, interview, and get the job.

Entry Level Jobs

Entry-level jobs are a perfect fit for someone still learning English. These are unskilled positions where you can gain on-the-job experience and learn and enhance your English language skills. If you’ve not had much experience in U.S. workplaces, consider looking for an entry-level position to get started.

Skilled Jobs

If you have more advanced skills that are in demand, you may want to consider applying even with a language barrier. For many companies, a skilled employee with more than one language background will still be more valuable than someone who only speaks one language. Depending on the position, there may be more ways to communicate than just verbally.

Commitment to Learn

Regardless of the type of position, the primary message you should get across is the desire to learn more. Even with very fundamental English skills, you will be able to communicate your passion and interest in learning more about the workplace, culture, and the job itself.

Work with a Recruiter

If you’re concerned about having a foot in the door, one of the best options is to apply with a local staffing agency. Staffing companies can sell your skills to their client companies, and many will also help with messaging and communication. This is especially true if you’re able to work with a bilingual or multi-lingual recruiter.

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