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How to Highlight Your Career Goals in an Interview

There are certain things you should always discuss in an interview. Of course, you have to share your previous experience in relation to the job. You want to talk about your work style and the company culture to see if the environment is a match. But you also want to discuss your career goals without making them think you’re uninterested in the job they’re offering. Here are a few ways to highlight your career goals in an interview to demonstrate how you want to grow with the company.

Make Your Aspirations Relevant

In your job interview, don’t talk about your unrelated goals for the future. Share your most relevant aspirations for the job and the company. For example, if you’re interviewing for an entry-level accounting role, discuss how you would like to grow your skills in an accounting department in the future.

Focus on A Plan to Achieve

When discussing your career goals, consider talking about how you want to achieve them. You want to express to the hiring company that you’re a self-starter with the ambition to grow and thrive in their environment. When you have a plan in place, you can communicate that with them to demonstrate your commitment.

Highlight Your Achievements

Sometimes, your long-term career goals are mapped out in your previous experience. Telegraph the kind of success you want to have in the new job by focusing on your prior achievements. You want to demonstrate how your experience gives you the ability to excel in the position. Share as much data as you can, such as how much money you saved your last company.

Match Goals to Experience

Similar to discussing only relevant goals, you also want to match your long-term goals to your experience. Sure, maybe you do want to climb Mount Everest, but if you’ve never climbed a mountain before, it may not come across as genuine. Talk about the ways your experience has led you to discover your talents and create your goals.

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