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Transportation Tips to Help You Make the Most of Every Job Opportunity

The commute may be one of the top factors when considering a job offer. What happens when you’re faced with a great opportunity with a less than optimal drive? With some creative thinking, you can make the most of your time on the road. Here are a few transportation tips that can improve your experience and eliminate the commute from your list of deal-breakers.

Take Advantage of Carpools

The impact of commuting on the environment has been a topic of discussion for decades. Many organizations and individuals try to mitigate this by carpooling. Some companies offer carpooling options, including places to park your vehicle. Or, if you live in proximity to others in your office, consider making arrangements to share driving responsibilities.

Flexible or Remote Work Options

Especially in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, more companies are offering remote work or flexible opportunities. Some will consider a hybrid approach in the future where some time is required in the office while working from home other days. Flexible work schedules are also great for avoiding a troublesome commute. You can avoid peak traffic time by going in to work earlier or later.

Use a Traffic App

Some people tap into smart technology to get around major issues while commuting to work. Using a traffic app, such as Waze, can alert you to traffic slowdowns, construction, or accidents and even provide you with an alternate route that will keep you on schedule.

Listen to Podcasts or Audio Books

Another way to use your time wisely is to listen to podcasts or audiobooks that can help you learn new things. If you’ve ever wanted to learn another language, why not use the time you’re on the road to listen to lessons. Or you can listen to podcasts from experts in your field to get the latest industry news.

Utilize Public Transportation

For some people, the very best method to avoiding long drives into the office is to take advantage of public transportation. This will largely depend on your access to these services, such as trains, subways, or busses, in your area. You can then use your commute to read, journal, or even get some work done.

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